Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reva - Truly The City Car

The dusk of Delhi saw Reva triumph over the road giant, Audi’s Q7 - scurrying away, leaving behind the giant, galloping to catch up with the agile car. And witnesses to this spectacle were the crowded alleys of Chandi Chowk.

Almost twice as big as Reva, the 2.3 tonne monster with 20-inch wheels powered by a 3-litre diesel (240 bhp) with a top speed of 203 kmph, Q7 Audi was 15 minutes behind Reva in a race that started from Noida snaking through the busiest business districts of Delhi, and then back.

Reva, with its measly 13Kw (18bhp) electric motor and an average speed of 60 kmph , weaving left and right out of the traffic, taking advantage of its dimensions gave Q7 Audi a good run for its money. On the busiest roads of Delhi, where the speed limit of 60 kmph is strictly enforced, a little red sedan merely 2.6 meters was swiftly tunneling its way out of the traffic.

Q7 Audi, on the other hand, was caught in the maze of numberless cycle-rickshaws with school kids hanging out of them, buses moving at snail’s pace and countless pedestrians and scooterists; leaving no way for it to go. Darting through the labyrinths of Delhi, Reva won the race in 32.21 minutes to become the king of urban jungle, while Q7 lumbered home in 47.33 minutes.

In a straight line, on an airstrip, Reva might be a dead meat for the Q7. But in cities with speed limits, crowded streets, narrow alleys, tight parking spaces, Reva is undoubtedly best thing on the road.